• Sustain-O-Rama

    There are advances, decades in the making, that are currently challenging the notion of sustainability in almost every direction we look. Evolutionary growth, rising populations, food shortage, and global warming are fueling a wave of challenges that will have significant impact on economies and...

  • Meet The Corporate Athlete

    When the superentrepreneur collides with the superathlete, we enter into a world with no boundaries and no limits.

  • Detroit Walk To Freedom

    The “I Have A Dream” speech Dr. King gave on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963 became the most celebrated moment of his civil rights work, but it was not the first time he uttered the phrase.

  • New Year, Old Tricks

    While it is clear Trump and his supporters will not go gently into that good night, it is the majority of us Americans who are now raging against the dying of the light.

  • AI, Augmented Intelligence

    The convergence of algorithmic advances, data proliferation, and tremendous increases in computing power and storage has singlehandedly propelled AI. But what is AI exactly and how will it change industries in the future?

  • The Great Reset: Redefining Corporate Leadership

    While the current mission remains to keep people as safe as possible, we have begun to see a shift in discussion from framing the challenges decision-makers and leaders have been faced with to the changes they have started to implement in order to navigate the next steps beyond COVID-19.

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A catch-all manual for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and disruptors with a desire to affect change...


Meet PunitIcon

Punit is a biotech and life sciences entrepreneur who is focused on community, challenging the...


Introducing TorpedoIcon

Welcome to Torpedo Journal, a culture gazette encapsulating the spirit of our times. Torpedo Journal is the intersection where travel, art, humanities, science, and sport meet, born out of our aim to...