A catch-all manual for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and disruptors with a desire to affect change, leave a legacy, and transform both communities and the world at large.

Catapult outlines a 10-point framework backed by the mindset of Corporate Athletes. These principles serve as a guide to personal empowerment and professional revolution, giving you an insider’s look at the lessons learned by turning obstacles into opportunities. Catapult encapsulates Punit’s pioneering tenacity, also shared by other extreme athletes and high-achieving corporate professionals, and reveals the tacit understanding of any entrepreneur: that ceilings are only built to be shattered and boundaries are only made to be broken.

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“The discipline of growing up as an athlete stuck with me and carried into my professional career. Leaning into what it takes to complete an Ironman – the endurance training, mental aptitude, and sheer drive – has shaped my approach to life and work in a broader sense.”

What is a
Corporate Athlete?

The concept of the Corporate Athlete takes inspiration from the dedication, resilience, and competitive spirit that athletes apply in order to excel. These principles, based on their steely focus and passion on the playing field, are just as powerful in the boardroom:

– Mental Aptitude 

– Accountability 

– Endurance Training 

– Focused Drive

In its distilled form: accelerate the mind >> create space for greatness.

Who is Catapult for?

Anyone who is intrinsically motivated and positioned to make the decision to transform their life.

From C-Suite executives to any employee within an organization, we all contribute to a larger purpose, but only the individual can determine how small or large the contribution will be.

They are transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors who strive for a greater purpose. Self-driven, accountable, authentic, and operating with intent, those who embrace Catapult are people who want to take action toward what is truly possible.