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  • What Will Happen To Art?

    What will 2021 bring to galleries, museums, and art shows? What will become of places we use to congregate to become inspired and enthralled, to consider a world filled with beauty and possibility? Can the appetite for art be satiated in a flat medium during a time when our traditional access is...

  • A Raw Deal

    Indian farmers have been slowly garnering international attention since late Fall 2020, as they staged growing protests in reaction to three bills easing restrictions on private players in the agricultural market. These bills, approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi via circumvention of the...

  • Walk This Way

    With gyms, spin studios, Pilates/Yoga studios, and assorted dance and fitness centres playing a convoluted game of ‘are-we-open-or-closed?’ this year, many people are taking to the Great Outdoors, sparking a surprising resurgence for aimless walking.

  • Torpedo Climate Change ’21 Initiative

    As we approach a new year with revitalized hope, we introduce our first philanthropic endeavour, the Torpedo Climate Change ’21 Initiative, where we turn the spotlight onto our current global crisis of climate change and the environmental and social sustainability gains made of its behalf by the...

  • What Is Mind Club?

    Challenge yourself as a Corporate Athlete, upgrade to a growth leadership mindset, discover your transformative purpose, and tap into an exclusive network of athletes, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

  • A Letter From Your Editors

    Welcome to Torpedo Journal, a culture gazette encapsulating the spirit of our times. Torpedo Journal is the intersection where travel, art, humanities, science, and sport meet, born out of our aim to spotlight tastemakers, changemakers, and newsmakers. As the editors, we strive to bring you...

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A catch-all manual for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and disruptors with a desire to affect change...


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Challenge yourself as a corporate athlete, upgrade to a growth leadership...


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Young Olympic hopeful Jennifer Casson speaks about life, dashed hopes, and resilience in a jarring year of fits and starts.