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Challenge yourself as a corporate athlete, upgrade to a growth leadership mindset, discover your transformative purpose, and tap into an exclusive network of athletes, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

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Everyone deserves access to knowledge. In a world that is deeply interconnected, it only makes sense to create a network where like minds can gather to learn and share together. The Mind Club mission is to reach big thinkers in pursuit of their purpose who are working to solve global challenges. The wider the net we can cast, the bigger the pool of knowledge we can amass to bring together a global community of great minds and positive changemakers. Much can be accomplished when we simply put our heads together.

Mind Club Benefits

Global Community

Your one-stop-shop for collaborating with growth-minded athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers from around the world. When you become a member of Mind Club, you become a member of a tight-knit community dedicated to personal and professional progress and betterment.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive curated content delivered to your inbox in a downloadable newsletter. Special access to quarterly webinars featuring leading CEOs, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Early Access

Enjoy exclusive early access to all of our highly anticipated new releases and limited-edition Torpedo merchandise collections.

Member-Only Products

A range of exclusive products created in collaboration with the world’s finest manufacturers and available only to Mind Club Members.

Mind Club Book Club

Each month, Punit announces his new Book Club pick. Read along with your fellow Mind Club members and follow the Book Club’s posts.